Wrightway Onsite Wastewater (WOW) are fully certified ROWP planners and installers able to design types 1 & 2 onsite waste water septic systems and install & repair/replace types 1, 2 & 3.

WOW are familiar with various types of available treatment options and a variety of ATU type 2 systems from different manufacturers including BIONEST, ORENCO & ECOFLOW. We take pride in the fact that all our designs and installs meet or exceed the current required standards of the BC SPM V3 and BC SSR, so you can be assured of getting an efficient, long lasting septic system that is enviromentally friendly.

​We are now the dealer for Clearpod Enhanced Treatment Systems that can offer an alternative for​ older systems, in certain circumstances, to having to replace the complete system, see the link at the bottom of the page.

WOW understand that new and replacement septic systems can be a substantial investment, however, if you are after the cheapest possible option or bandaid fix which does not meet the required standards and  hence result in the introduction of untreated effluent into our water supply, polluting our environment, then we are not the company for you; WOW will only design and install systems that follow all the necessary rules, regulations and standards required by the SPM3 and SSR.

We ensure that you get the right type of system for your needs, house size, soil conditions and lot size after conducting a comprehensive onsite analysis. We'll give you an honest appraisal and explanation of the reasoning behind our recommendation.  We are are very competitive when comparing alike solutions and systems.

For lots with well setback constraints, restricted lot size and/or soil  issues or where type 3 systems are required, we bring in a Professional engineer specializing in onsite waste water management to find the most cost effective solution.

We only design and install pressurized systems that ensure uniform distribution that maximize the dispersal field's potential to treat the effluent sufficiently before reaching the water table. This is to prevent possible contamination to our environment so as not to pollute our wells, aquifers, creeks, streams and lakes  with pathogens, phosphates and nitrates. In past decades septic systems were just about disposal of wastewater  "flush and forget"   however those old gravity systems did not treat the effluent before it reached the various water systems. The current required standards concentrate on treatment instead of disposal so as to protect our ever more fragile water supplies and wrightway onsite wastewater ltd only design and install systems that meet the level of treatment required by the BC sewerage system regulation 2004 amended 2010 (SSR) and the BC standard practice manual version 3 (SPM3).

WOW are members in good standing of the ASTTBC and WCOWMA.

Fully insured with liability and errors and omissions policies.

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